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Dates 2023:

  • Group 1: 15.05. – 01.07.

Monday and Thursday from 18h00-20h00, 7th unit on 10.06. from 09h00-12h00, exam on 01.07. from 14h00-17h00

  • Group 2: 07.08. – 16.09.

Monday and Thursday from 18h00-20h00, 7th unit on 26.08. from 09h00-12h00, exam on 16.09. from 14h00-17h00

Prices 2023:

  • Adults: 280,00€
  • Juniors (max. 21 years at the beginning of the lessons): 160,00€


During 2023, you can learn at Golf de Clervaux to play golf in 8 lessons (18 hours in total). You will then get your license to play golf anywhere in the world.

The first 6 training units last 2h each, during the 7th unit the 3-hole compact course is played (3h). Within the following two weeks a last appointment (3h) is made for playing the 18-hole course.

Golf clubs and balls will be provided against a deposit. Participants only need to wear comfortable clothing (like when hiking) and sturdy shoes with a grippy sole.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact the office of Golf de Clervaux.

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