General rules to be observed

Tournament rules

Dear golfers

Please understand that our office staff will have to collect the €5 tournament entry fee if you cancel late.

Should you consider that this amount is not due for any reason, please contact the management. This fee may be credited to you for the next tournament if the head of the committee accepts the eligibility of your request.


In line with the decision of the Clervaux Golf Club Sports Commission, the 2022 handicap series have been set as follows:


0-12 13-18 19-28 29-36

In the absence of handicap categories set by the sponsors of our tournaments, the aforementioned series will apply. The official competitions are basically played according to the strokeplay formula in the handicap series 0-12 and, if applicable, in the series 13-18.



Holders of a playing handicap of 36 or less are eligible to participate in the 2021 Clervaux Golf Club tournaments.



Club rules set the conditions for the award of playing handicaps of 36 and lower in application of the provisions of paragraphs 2.13 and 17. -17.8. EXTRA DAY SCORES (EDS) of the EGA Handicap System of the European Golf Association.


Note for players

Please check the accuracy of your handicap on your scorecard. Inform the club office immediately and before the start if any change is required. Players assume sole responsibility for the accuracy of their scorecards. We thank you for your valuable cooperation.


Note for scorers

To avoid errors in the coding of scorecards, please copy a hole’s corrected score legibly into the adjacent column.

General rules to be observed

Playing time

The maximum playing time allowed for the 18-hole course is 4.5 hours.

Players are asked to show their handicap card at the golf course lobby.


Golf car rental

Allowed from 15 April to 31 October.
In the event of bad weather, golf carts are not rented (even if reserved) for safety reasons.
Prior reservation of golf carts is mandatory.
After use, the golf carts must be parked in the designated space in the garage and plugged in.
During opening hours, please return golf cart keys to the golf club lobby. Outside opening hours, please leave them in the key box on the counter of the hotel lobby.


Dogs on the golf course

While we love pets, management is sometimes required to make unpopular decisions to ensure respect of cleaning staff and a friendly relationship with each other.

Following several complaints, management has decided the following:

  • During tournaments, no dogs are allowed on the golf course.
  • Outside of tournaments, golfers may bring their dogs when they are on a short leash.
  • Owners are required to remove any excrement.